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The Trickle Up Theory

August 28, 2014


It seems obvious to me that the American economy depends on people buying crap, constantly and obsessively. When people stop buying crap or even cut back, the kingdom wobbles on its props and everybody starts running in circles and tearing their hair.
Despite this the American elite seem intent on creating a working class that is paid only a survival wage, slave wages despite the fact that when people have less money they buy a lot less crap. The big shots are so used to playing ball with each other and ignoring their consumer base they have lost sight of this basic fact: poor people are not big spenders meaning fewer sales of new cars, houses and all the stuff at Walmart.
So I suggest the trickle up theory. Simply the more money Walmart shoppers have to spend the fatter and happier Walmart managers are and this fat and happiness moves up the chain straight to the CEOs. I would think this would be easy for the bigwigs to get. Most of the nation’s shoppers are of the lower classes. If you limit them to just getting by, they won’t be shopping. I don’t think that purchases of their upper class junk, which is the same crap with diamonds added, will be enough to keep the train chugging. It doesn’t compare to hundreds of thousands hitting up CostCo.


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