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Innovative Extreme Sport For The Really Tough Guys

February 6, 2014

Extreme Sport for Today

     People with money who feel unchallenged spend small fortunes to go thousands of miles and jump off a mountain or run rapids and so on.  This is called extreme sport and basically amounts to rich white people traveling to a country where brown people will do all the heavy lifting so they can try some pointless but fashionable stunt they can brag about back home.
We hear that these adventurers are always looking for the next challenge, to top themselves, to try something new.  Let me introduce the newest and most innovative challenge for the tough elite.  I call it poverty.
     Cut all ties to family and friends.  You are allowed no outside help at all.  Go to a bad part of town, the sort of place people like you fear and start living on $1,000 a month, a bit more than my disability check, but let’s not be stingy.
     Now find an apartment to rent and just live, strictly off of the thousand with no aid.  Pay your rent, pay the utilities, pay the phone bill, gas your car and maintain it, buy groceries, pay your cable bill (if you can afford cable), pay your internet bill (also if you can afford it).  Just live normally, day to day.
     Do this for a month or so and then start raising the stakes.  Decide you need a new coat. Hold back enough from your monthly to do that.  Decide what you have to cut back in order to do it.  Find your brakes need work and figure out how to get that done.
     Next we add a wife and child but without any increase in cash.  Now, feed, dress and house them.  When the kid gets sick or the wife needs a dress scramble.
     When your car breaks down completely scramble.
     Every month when the bills come due, scramble.
     When the bills are raised and food prices go up, scramble.
     When you want to give your family a reasonable life, scramble.
     Then your pay gets cut.  Scramble.   
     Do it as long as you can endure it and find out how really tough you are.


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