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February 5, 2014

    “Why do I think I know you?”
     The girl was Asian too, but a regular human, not a spirit person.  She was young, thin with crew cut hair dyed red and wearing a leather jacket over a top designed to show her breasts, a short, short skirt and thick-soled boots.  Ladykiller had seen her earlier playing pool with a couple of guys.
     “From the VA,” Ladykiller said.  “We were in the same leisure management group.”
     “Yeah, that’s right.  I knew I knew you.  Got a smoke?”
     Ladykiller said, “Sure,” and pushed his pack over to her.  She saw that they were non-filtered and said, “Shit, hard core huh?”
     “I guess.  Need a drink?’
     “Sure, you don’t mind.”
     Ladykiller signaled the bartender and she ordered something called a Malibu Payday.  A tall, blue drink was delivered and Ladykiller paid.
     He looked over at the men she’d been playing pool with and said, “Your friends are missing you.”
     The girl looked over, then back and smiled at Ladykiller.
     “Those guys can’t make up their minds.  Guess I’ll have to go make it up for them.  You take it easy, all right?”
     “You bet.”


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