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The Orphans In the Paper Pile

January 28, 2014

     Just wonder if this happens to other writer types.  Something comes to mind, a scene or a situation, characters show up and they are doing something.  Some dialogue pops up and you put words in the characters’ mouth, but it is only passing notion and you never take it any farther.  Never flesh out a story to go with it. 
     These few sentences, too short to even call a sketch, lay about your desk, mental debris unused and forlorn.  Forgotten until you trip over it while looking for something else.  Maybe it gets a nod then, but you soon put it aside and get on with what you’re doing. 
     Very rarely, in my case anyway, do these lines go any farther.  This has happened, but so rarely it hardly bears mention.  Yet I keep them about, fear throwing them away ‘just in case’ and my already unwieldy and ad hoc files swell a bit more haunted by characters and speeches unfulfilled. 


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