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The Fearful Esthetics Of Space

December 9, 2013

The Fearful Aesthetics of Space

There’s a beauty in the plains like no other, intense in its subtlety.  You need an artist’s eyes, or a shaman’s, to be an apprentice of light and shadow to appreciate.  A corn field can be golden or lavender depending on cloud cover, the sun’s angle and brightness, wind direction and your mood at the time of viewing.  If you don’t like the view, stand by and the shifting of the earth, lagging of the sun will paint it over for you.  You learn that the wind can be seen and has color.

It goes on forever in both directions.  No hills or boundaries or humanizing trees.  Nothing to stop the eye but nothing.  Your ability to see wears out before the view ends.  The European lives here in little houses, walled in manageable space they huddle inside, away from the void with little windows to peek out of.


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