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Environmental Impact Statement

December 9, 2013

There were three cats waiting for me that morning: all marled gray and of a size, obvious litter mates.

The first one showed up a couple of days ago and I fed him.  He came back, I fed him again and now I think he’s taken up living in one of the sheds out back.  That morning he brought his siblings and I fed them too.

Then I hanged the bird feeder, that skirmish line where the starlings chase the sparrows and the squirrels chase the starlings, a bit higher if only to feel better.  I already have a tin guard on the birdhouse post.

As everywhere, life isn’t a sure thing in my backyard.  One does what he can, but cannot provide guarantees.

This whole business of birds, cats and squirrels upsets my airedale; he trembles with restraint.  He knows better than to do anything in his own backyard, but he is a terrier and his idea of the proper treatment for small animals is to shake them until they die.



From my book Dancing The Maze at Pretend Genius Press.


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