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Womb Envy

November 22, 2013

One wonders, at least I do, why women have been and are still treated so badly right around the world.  For me the worst thing about Islamic nations is not their tendency to murdering innocent people as a service to their god, but the way they treat each other, especially the evil way they treat women.
It makes one despair to consider what insight and intelligence, what progress and excellence we have squandered by marginalizing women.  How many fine minds wasted by that ‘little women’ nonsense.
What was it that got mens’ knickers is such a twist that they would treat their fellow human beings so?
In my usual methods of haphazard research, uneven contemplation and marginal insight the only possible answer I can come up with is womb envy.
Women hold the keys to the kingdom, not the guys.  We guys know this even though we refuse to accept it and lie about it to ourselves and everyone.  The future of mankind lies in a woman’s womb.  Men can run around scattering their seed, but the fruit can only ripen in a woman’s body.
To our close relatives, the primates, the females and young are the treasure closely guarded by a circle of males who are willing to fight and die to keep them safe.  The final, extreme duty of the male guardian is to confront the predator and forfit his life thus giving the females and young time to escape.  Males are expendable.  Females are not.  I think men just got tired of this and jealous of it.  We began inventing all these tired fictions and fairy tales about the ‘weaker sex‘ that we cling so desperately to even as we know it’s horse crap.
To be a man we must have a mother and this pisses us off.  We want to be the center of life despite the futility of this position and we childishly begrudge women their importance to everything.
The worst example is the rap Christians gave Eve.  She, by biting the apple, came to self realization and thus became the first human being, rather than a beast.  Every word written, every thought had, all philosophy, technology, everything we consider human comes from that bite.  If she hadn’t taken that nibble, for example, there would be no internet or organ transplants or anything.  Poor old Adam, chicken crut that he was, had to be cajoled and comforted into taking the chance.  In a just world the most precious holiday would be Eve’s Day rather than Christmas.  We men know this down deep and we’re as jealous as hell.

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