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This Obscene Morality Play

September 2, 2013

The term obscenity is usually used to describe sex by people with narrow noses pointed up on high. I don’t think that anything sexual between voluntary adults is obsence.  Untidy and messy yes, even distasteful, but not obscene.
There is a real obscenity going on now with huge amounts of absurdity and simulated outrage so foul it’s stinking up the world.  Assad has finally outraged us enough to warrant an attack whenever all the politicians finish jabbering about it.
The foul thing he did was use chemical weapons on civilians.  Oh my.  This is apparently the line we shall not pass and he must be punished.
Really?  What’s so bad about it?  I know little to nothing about current chemical agents but back in the day I got a couple of NBC classes forced upon me and never really understood why these killing methods were more immoral than anything else.
Once upon a time the bombing of population centers was considered a war crime.  During WWII this changed and incendiary attacks came into vogue.  By the time LeMay and his cohorts had convinced Americans to do it the British had long been happily doing their best to burn alive every last German.  Then we came in with our gas can and matches and double downed on the Brits.  The tactic was to send in a wave of bombers loaded with high explosives to break up the site and provide tinder for a following wave loaded with incendiaries.  Makes a bigger fire.  We leveled Europe in the process of saving it, but outraged the people of Japan even more.  We just loved fire bombing Japan with it’s largely wooden framed housing: made for a good burn.  One fire attack on Tokyo killed more people than both atomic attacks combined, but this was honorable.
Just as our scattering of napalm across Vietnam was honorable.  These VC guys wouldn’t come out and ‘play fair’ so we torched the countryside with gleeful abandon.
I know some of the chemical agents are nasty indeed, but you’ll have a hard time convincing me that anything tops the nasty of being burned alive.  Yet this is honorable while gas is not.
This mad morality play is a real obscenity.  It is the dark side of nonsense, one of Satan’s jokes.


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