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The African American Grinder

July 28, 2013

Back in the day when America’s economy depended almost solely on cotton and tobacco growing we (white people) treated them (black people) horribly before either one of us were Americans.  We put a horror show in motion and were the proprietors.  Despite the white man’s burden mindset of the day and civilized vs. savages philosophy, a deep, self destroying guilt grew in the souls of the slavers and, as a psychological self defense, we had to make them terrible and so deserving of the hell on earth we gave them.
The tenacity of this foul fiction is directly caused by white guilt over the long and unjust treatment African Americans have suffered so long and why racists and others cling to it so desperately.  To admit any wrong doing will bring the wall of cards we’ve built around our conscience come crashing down revealing the miserable creatures inside in all their ugliness.
This witless attitude continues today in our society (and yes I mean all of it, not just rednecks and hillbillies) and, I believe, is responsible for the numbers of African Americans in our prisons.
We whites are afraid of young black men and so, perhaps unconsciously, oppress them.  It has become a cultural myth that all young black men are either criminals or will be. These youngsters are suspect and so easy meat for cops.  They are stopped more often than anyone for less reason and are detained and arrested  more often.  Circumstances of the arrest of young African Americans are not as closely examined as those of others because they do not have the money or high placed friends to make real trouble and the police can always come up with some reason for an arrest.  They are easy meat.  Cops roust a group of African American kids and give them a scare.  A frightened child does stupid things like protesting (resisting arrest), running (felony flight) or just arguing (failure to comply) and the cops have reason to cuff them.  This helps a cop grow his arrest count and show that he is doing his job and ‘protecting the people.’  Even the most bullshit charges get the kid’s name and race into the system and feeds the statistics terrified white men use to argue African-American criminality.
Prosecutors are also worried about making a show of ‘protecting the people’ and they boost their careers by bringing more and more cases to trial.  Again African Americans are easy meat.  As I said before they have no resources or friends in high places and you can convict them on less evidence than anyone else.  And prosecutors have improved their position by convincing many that any African American protest is just more anti white racism.  Of course many of the young people so arrested with their don’t give a shit defiant attitude get little sympathy from juries.
It is much, much easier to roust young African American men off of the streets and into prison and everybody involved gets a gold star on their resume.  Are African Americans more criminal than whites?  No.  Are they arrested and prosecuted and imprisoned more than whites?  Absolutely.

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