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The Black Banana…A Short

June 21, 2013

     We’re not very effusive in this house.  Very little hugging and kissing and cuddling.  Fem Major (the wife) and I are both independent adults requiring little validation from each other.
     By today’s standards I suppose we are a couple of cold fish, but public displays of affection are just that: displays meant for the public and not meaningful or personal at all, part of the ‘happily married’ act so many of us play that really means little or nothing.
     Real love does not need to be confirmed constantly.  It’s there and isn’t going anywhere even if we don’t send flowers anymore.  Its indicators are more subtle and real life.
     One quick example: Fem Major and I are both big banana eaters and a bunch doesn’t last very long, except for the last one.  I leave it for her.  She leaves it for me.  As Fem Minor (the daughter) despises bananas, the last one always lies there turning black and useless because neither Fem Major or I will take it away from the other.
     This, I maintain, is love and you guys can keep all that baby talk to yourselves.


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