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Fitting In

March 26, 2013

     As a boy I was taught that being different was wrong, bad and to be avoided.  You had to fit in to be worth anything.  Not fitting in was immoral, unacceptable, unprofitable.  Those of different minds lived miserable, unhappy lives being constantly unsuccessful and unloved.  Of course those causing these dire conditions were the society of infitters who disliked and oppressed those who, well, didn’t fit in.
     It’s not that I didn’t want to fit in, that mine is some sort of pose, but despite my best efforts I just never could.  There was nothing I wanted to fit into.  I saw about me a world of hypocrisy, meanness and greed and just couldn’t make myself accept it.  You could say I dropped out of the church, the society, the economy on moral grounds.  Those guys were and are dicks.  I don’t want to be a dick, so I don’t fit in.  I’m not sorry about that.
     But I know that by the current rules of normalcy I’m whacked out and when my son turned out to be a good man but a little more able to compromise, I was happy.  His life, I thought, would be better.  I do not recommend the outsider’s life to anyone.  I do still think it is the only really good way to live a life, but it’s a hard row.


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