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What Kids Should Know About Parents

March 25, 2013

      Most, if not all, kids think their parents are crazy and, well, we are.

     Human beings are complicated creatures and it takes roughly twenty years for them to get to the point of independence.  Twenty years.  Two whole decades of a squalling, whining, crapping little creature you must feed and clean and protect from hyenas.  
     Evolution had a very basic problem and the future of man depended on it.  How do you make two sane adults put up with this for so long?  
        You make them crazy.  Looking at it plainly you have to admit that sane people would never get themselves into such a situation and yet we do, and then we do it again.  Many are so desperate to have the little pains around that they spend fortunes just to become pregnant.  Or go overseas and spend another fortune to adopt an unwanted child and bring them home.  
     So it gave us a fine madness, an insatiable and never ending love for children that is like nothing else in life.
     Parents are crazy, when it comes to the children.  Quiet men will shout and get in someone’s face, for the children.  People will move to good neighborhoods, make a playground out a perfectly good yard and scrimp so they can afford an even better house and neighborhood, for the children.  A parent is always one strained nerve away from a hissy fit.  When we think our kids have been slighted we go off like a grenade and go beyond reason, common sense, conscience, embarrassment, for the children.
     Parents act out worse than drunks or dopers when they’ve been triggered and there is no telling what will trigger them.  Doesn’t have to be much at all.  Often the trigger is only in their imaginations.
    The worst thing about this is that we never get over it.  Even when your children have children of their own or even grand children, you’re just as crazy.  The only relief is death, if even then.
     One of the major things that break up nuclear families is the resentment of children with crazy parents who want to cosset and protect them and give the impression that they, the children, can’t take care of themselves.  Kids get fed up, pissed off and want to leave.  This is also an evolutionary plus.  Kids leave, travel, meet others, marry and the genetic pool is deepened with hybrid DNA.  Then they have children and go mad themselves.
     When we get too old to handle and you pack us off to a nursing home we will spend our last years bundled up in a sun room staring into space and mumbling about the children.


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