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Doing Good Is Win-Win

February 25, 2013

     I have always found those hard bound, stop at nothing good doers rather suspect.  Seemed to me that the ego grooming had more to do with it than charity.  I imagine I thought this way because I suspected the same in myself.  I’m one of those knee jerk do gooders who jumps, automatically, into the breech when I see a need, if I was able.  I found myself taking too much pride in some of these situations and this lead me to suspect everyone’s motives.
     I feel we must always suspect ourselves first.
     The question is, is there is ever pure selflessness in our helping hands?
     Mulling this led me to the thought that it is impossible for religious people trying to live lives to please their particular deities to ever achieve selflessness.  If you do a good in hope of heaven or fear of hell or to have a god smile down upon you it is not a good at all, but an investment.
     With the religious charitable eliminated I went on to the secular and found there all together too much preening and grinning at cameras to count on those folks.
     This prompts the question, is selflessness even possible when helping others?  My conclusion is it is not.
     Carl Jung said that an easy way to give oneself worth is to make oneself a subject of study.  A better one is to simply help someone.  This will bolster about every emotional lack you have: low self esteem, sense of purpose, faith in your own abilities; doing good is better than a thousand spa treatments to make you feel good.
     It seems that one cannot do a good without getting good back from it.  You always turn a profit in this no lose situation.
     Of course arrogance lurks here, the idea that ‘you can’t help yourself but I can’ leads the weak spirited to sorry feelings of superiority and must be guarded against.  However one can’t deny that doing good is always a winning proposition and we should send thank you notes to those who need our help.



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