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December 31, 2012

They still have assault rifles over at the WalMart; a couple M-16 copies in the sales rack with the pump shotguns and twenty-twos.  Given the current episode of hysterics, I was rather surprised they had the courage to keep them out, but then again out here in the hinterlands the coastal rages are usually a week or so late.

One way I check on current pop culture is to see what’s getting the most shelf space at Barnes and Nobles and the teens are coming on strong.  A lot of fantasy, paranormal and science fiction, even a line of shelves dedicated to “paranormal romance.”  And manga and graphic novels.  Some will say they shouldn’t be reading such trash, but I am very happy just to see that they are still reading books.

Christian fiction is very present, but the teen books are doubling down on them and even moving past the regular old fiction and literature.   History’s holding its own while philosophy has only a single shelf and poetry struggles to fill another.  I noticed no great shifts in the magazine racks.

I continue to be alarmed by the popularity of bad behavior as entertainment, which is about all ‘reality TV’ amounts to for me.  People acting out; hissy fits and bullies and jerks, all at high volume.

Haven’t written diddly in a month and am feeling all sorry and useless.  I think, though, that feeling sorry and useless is the well my writing comes out of so something, I suppose, is coming.

We’ll see.


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