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Antropology Gone Wild

November 27, 2012

Getting ready to take a shower this morning, laying out my clean clothes, gave me an idea for a perfectly good study and I’m considering seeking government funding.

The pile of clothing it takes to get my old, skinny body through a north Iowa winter is impressive. T shirt and briefs, two pairs of socks, long underwear (actually I’m behind on my laundry and my base layer today is a sweat suit), jeans…an impressive amount of fabric and I suddenly wondered just how much all of this weighs.  What is the burden I carry through the day?  Does this build me up or tear me down?

Wouldn’t just be a personal study.  I would consider the wardrobe of northerners globally and compare this to that of tropical dwellers.

How much weight, on average, does a snow country dweller carry to survive, stay warm?  How does it compare with the weight of a light shirt and cargo shorts?  How about winter boots vs flip flops?  Does this have anything to do with north/south life expectancies?  Strength?  General health?

Northerners are thought to be more hale and hearty than southerners.  Is this true?  Do all these layers of clothing have anything to do with it?  Northerners are often larger than others.  Do the clothes make the man or play any part at all?

One can wonder.  But does one need to wonder?  Do all questions need answers?

This study, I guess you would class it as anthropology, doesn’t seem vital or even of much importance, but it is, I think, as plausible as many of the studies going on, seemingly, everywhere.  Now all I have to do is write up my grant proposal and I too can get fat on that easy government money.


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