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Chick Flicks

October 22, 2012

     Was watching Splanglish today.  It’s a good movie and then I wondered if it was what they called a ‘chick flick.’  I guess so.  I thought it was a good and intelligent movie about people of both sizes.  

     There are plenty of other films I’ve admired that are probably considered ‘chick flicks’ by my more macho fellow males such as “Steel Magnolias” and “What’s Up With Gilbert Grape” and numerous others that don’t come to mind when I write.  I also liked ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ the new ‘King Kong’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ if that gets me any credit from the boys.

     I don’t much care for genre movies like the detective and cop and chase flicks that go through the same paces we’ve all been through over and over again.  Nor do I like what I call ‘love movies,’ either comedy or drama that do the same thing and it all works out in the end. And I’m not too fond of booms and bangs and bashes only meant to stir up excitement in a flat and pointless story.  I like movies about real people with real problems and you don’t often find these with action stars.

     The odd thing is my wife doesn’t like ‘chick flicks.’  She likes the automatic weapons fire and explosion things, straight forward meager plots and everything she’s seen before.  It makes her comfortable and this is fine.

     But I like things a little twisty and ill-defined, characters that don’t always get it right and with a minimum of puppies and hand grenades.  To be honest this often means ‘chick flicks.’  I confess, but just don’t tell the guys down at the VFW.


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