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A Little Dance With Humility

October 19, 2012

A little dance with humility

I am amused by and interested in the little dances with humility we run into just about everyday, those things we are used to but, once in a while strikes us with the absurdity of life.  My latest little epiphany hit me yesterday.  One of the things age has brought me is increased skin sensitivity.  I’m always getting a rash here or there and one popular place for this is, to be honest and gross, my butt crack.  Yesterday this area was making itself heard and I was resorting to ointment for relief.  As I was reaching around trying to apply said ointment without smearing it on my briefs and jeans and caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror, a contorted fool pushing his hand down the back of his pants trying to reach his own butt crack without making a mess of it and realized, despite everything else in my life, this image made it impossible to take myself seriously.
All the things I take pride in, my reading and thinking and writing and every other achievement fell away revealing one more hapless human being seeking truth having all their ambitions swept away by the urgency of an itch needing to be scratched.
All the high thoughts of philosophy, religion and art can be swept away by an itch, a slight ache in one joint or another and our pedestal tips dropping us back to the simple minded level of a dog scratching fleas.
I try to keep this in mind when I have one of my pompous attacks, when I take myself and this life too seriously.  All of it is blown away when my butt itches.


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