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The Evolution of Earth

May 25, 2012

     When people talk about the end of world they’re not, not really.  What they’re really talking about is the end of the world as men like it with this cushy climate, lush vegetation and all that nice water. All of this can disappear but, while man would die, the earth would sail on quite nicely.

     It is our egomaniacal notion that we are the final result of whatever is going on here.  That we are the ultimate, the goal, that we are it.  This, I think, is just another example of sorry human delusions like gods and white supremacy.  I guess it is comforting to the knotheads, but I can find little evidence supporting it.  I think we are just one more phenomena happening in the wide universe and not particularly important one.  Man is a blip in history and a casual one.   We’ve only been here an instant, not enough to make any real impression on the planet. 

     My personal theory is that we are a tool in the evolution of bacteria.  We offer them a wonderful environment of garbage and humanity in which to thrive and multiply.  We exercise them with our antibiotics so that they can get tougher and stronger.  There seems a good chance that we are husbanding our successors.  It’s not unreasonable to suggest that the future may be a microscopic one.  


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