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No Boom Yet

November 17, 2011

Fanatics at both end of the right/left spectrum consider people evil.  On the left the Greens and animal rights people consider man the enemy of everything and they are quite willing to kill people in defense of the planet, the climate and all the cuddly, furry wildlife.  On the right if you’re not rich (skin color and different religion can trump even this) you are nothing but a unit of labor.  They want you to work hard, do as you’re told and be quiet.  They are quite willing to imprison or even kill you if you won’t fit their mold.

Today let us consider the port side of this temperament, you know, blood-thirsty man, polluting man, evil man.  We have had the temerity to devise devices that will finish the species.  How devilish.  Climb under your desk kiss your ass goodbye stuff.  Of course they don’t mention that we haven’t.  That, in our dealings with nuclear holocaust we have been restrained, reasonable, hesitant, even merciful.

Sixty years we’ve had the keys to Hell in hand and nobody’s used them.  Amidst all the drama and fury, madmen and cold-blooded monsters, all the terrorists and uber patriots and plotters and murderers, all this hysterical flurry that is man, we have not given in to the temptation to make the really big boom.

Rather amazing, I think.  I’m a baby boomer and grew up in the atmosphere that war is imminent and it will be a war without victors or survivors, but it never happened.

Of course the world is more dangerous now than it was during all the saber rattling.  The fall of the Soviet Union is worrying.  At least they had a handle on the nuclear business in their part of the world.  Now part of its ending is a scattering of nuclear bombs, missiles and their makings all over the place and available to the highest bidder.  This includes people willing to destroy everything and everyone to make their point.  But there have always been such people at hand all over the world and they have been held in check one way or another.  There is no particular reason to consider today’s villains worse than those who have gone before or that they will be more successful at creating another big bang.

The end is always nigh, but it is simply unreasonable to not have hope.  The evidence of history supports it.


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