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The R-People War On Poverty

November 1, 2011



Remember Ladybird Johnson and her ‘War On Poverty?”  The movement to end poverty in the United States?  It seems to me that the R-People (Right, Republican, Rich, Religious, Racist, Repressive, Regressive) have turned this on its head and into a War On The Poor.

I’ve never been one for conspiracies.  You know, those stories about who really shot JFK, or the Masonic or Templar plots for world domination.  Now I’m beginning to think I should have paid more attention for it seems to me that we are struggling with one now, and for our very lives.

That semi-functional idiot Reagan started it:  the tax breaks for the rich and demolition of public safeguards that exposed the jugular of the rest of us to the R-People’s knife.   And, through the mostly Republican America since the eighties it has continued apace.  I do not think it’s an exaggeration to say that our nation is now a corporate entity, not a republic.

Now that the R-People have brought the American public to their knees with their campaign to create poverty and fear through the land, they are waiting for just the right moment to end any democracy we have left and turn the U.S. into a serf state.

I can find no other way to explain this relentless gutting of human rights and eroding of the lower class life style than a relentless and ruthless campaign to reverse the humanitarian gains we’ve achieved over the past century and return us to a 19th century servitude and out of their neighborhoods.

The R-People keep complaining about class warfare whenever someone objects to their foul work.  I think a little class warfare is exactly what we need.  Or rather a class counterattack.  The ‘lower classes’ have been under attack for years now.  Time to stand tall and refuse to lose.



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