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Mr. Perry Taps Out..

October 27, 2011



Texas Governor Rick Perry strapped on the spurs, kicked up dust and jumped into the fight, but now he’s got his tail feathers singed and is heading back to the coup.  Well, not completely.  He’s staying in contention, but wants to do it on his own terms.

He didn’t do well in the GOP debates.  Those other mean old boys rubbed his nose in his own ignorance and hurt his feelings.  He doesn’t want to play that anymore.

But he wants to keep going, just skip the hard parts.  It’s unfair, apparently to challenge him and his position and since he has no answers he’d declaring the queries out of order and wants to back to flashing that Luminered grin at the common folks.  He thinks he can still fool them.

I certainly hope he’s wrong about that too.


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