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Sign of the Apocalypse

October 23, 2011

Just watched a Taco Bell commercial advertising a butt load of food for a small price. Seems to me we’ve been seeing a lot of this lately, the hamburger mavens and chicken people offering high piled platters for a low piled price, an odd business in these times of epidemic obesity. Giant helpings of fattening, artery clogging, nutritionally barren junk foods at cut rate prices seems to be almost an attack against the nation’s health. I wonder if they allow these ads in California?
One must wonder at the logic of this. It’s apparently a trend, albeit one in a negative direction with dire possibilities and, given today’s easy information, these guys have to know what they’re doing. I wonder who’s a greater danger to society, a dope dealer or a fast food pusher?
There must be something more to it and, what occurs to me is that these children of high sales have suffered losses during the current depression, courtesy of the R-People (Rich, Right, Republican, Religious, Racist, Repressive, Regressive), and this has shocked them into, perhaps, shaving their profit margins a tad to keep sales numbers up. And I believe that if we are a point that burger joints have to cut prices, the end is near.


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