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In My Backyard

August 26, 2011




The row of trees along the stern of my back yard harbors the Rush Limbaugh of rodents.  An opinionated squirrel, not as fat as Mr. Limbaugh but he does have a belly, lurks there like an old time wood daemon waiting for my cranky, left wing dog to come out.  Coya is even farther left than I, more a Maoist/Stalinist who’s idea of proper treatment of dissenters is to break their neck and pull them limb from limb.

As soon as he goes out the Republican squirrel charges to a low hanging limb where he dances, jerking his tail and spewing squirrel trash talk.  Outraged, Coya charges headlong into battle with an enemy he can never reach.  And my leftist is left at the foot of the tree roaring while this evil right-winger dances and chatters endlessly.

Coya, a schnauzer mix, simply cannot ignore the challenge.  He wears his heart on his furry sleeve and readily throws it at every opponent he encounters.  He is not a reasonable creature, but a slave to his passion.  And the squirrel, always ready for a shouting match, is never careless enough to be caught into a real fight.  He makes a show with no substance.

It is the dog that looks the biggest fool, down there feet on the ground, roaring uselessly at a danger only he can see, a lot of pointless noise.  The squirrel, scatting from one limb to another, chittering and tail-jerking, preens as if he’s actually achieving something taunting an enemy he has no hope of defeating on a level playing field.

Just more noise and nonsense as usual.




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