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The Center of Evil

August 17, 2011

We now know, thanks to reality TV, that the center of evil is the female nipple.  I have learned this from watching scenes where a woman’s breasts are out there all a dangle, but blurred camera work prevents the slightest little peek of pinkish aureole and thereby saves our souls.  So the uncovered boob is okay, but that damned nipple is the door to perdition.

Well, okay.  It’s even traditional, that favorite American excuse for continuing to do things even when we really know better.  I’m talking about the old pasties that, along with g-strings allowed clubs to cater to leches without being felonious.  Does it seem incredible to anyone else that we squander expensive law enforcement resources policing topless bars?

Oh well.  I am of such a temperament that I believe obscenity laws have lasted so long because they give city councils and the like a good reason to talk dirty to one another.  I’m not joking here.  I really have to wonder why the preachers and republicans and right wingers worry so much about other folks’ sex lives.  You know, who they sleep with and how and why and in what attitude.  Do these guys ever think about anything else?  Americans are homeless and hungry and undereducated and these boys are all in a sweat over same sex marriage.  The absurdity is enough to render one speechless, almost.


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  1. What bothers me is that it’s scandalous for a nipple to be shown on television, but at the same time it’s somehow okay to show scenes of graphic violence. A decapitation is fine, but a nipple is going to scar someone for life?

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