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The Failed Generation

August 16, 2011

I was thinking the other day that the failure of my generation is our children.  These shallow, uninvolved, diffident youngsters wearing exactly the right brand of jeans and wielding the latest electronic device as they drift through a pointless haze measuring themselves by the length of their friends list.  We raised these people who seem so useless, so moot.


But then reality (or my version of it) clawed its way back into my mind and I understood that this was delusional.  I am influenced by the memories of my own youth when kids my age were in the streets screaming loud against racism, the war, the man.  These children went forth and fought against injustice, raged against the system, attacked the walls of crooked establishment and changed the nation.  It seemed a generation entire had mobilized and engaged in the good fight.


It was in all the papers.


But, of course, it wasn’t the whole generation or even most of it.  Just a hopped up minority with a knack for publicity, hopped up, I should say, more on dreams of justice and equality than drugs.  Plenty of drugs, too, I must admit.  During those years I was in the military and when I arrived on a new station the dopers were always in the majority.


The truth is every generation fails and my generation especially.  All the raging youth are now obsessed with lawns, property values, nest eggs, bullshit.  We shallow, uninvolved, diffident old folks.


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