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Tea Party Equals Treason

August 16, 2011



Some years ago I was reading a history of some Klan-like, vigilante groups operating in Arkansas after the Civil War.  The book was written in the 19th century and when the author wanted to describe how someone was an upstanding member of society and not trash he described them as ‘taxpayers,’ the notion being in those days that a good man paid his contract.  Bad men and weasels didn’t.

I don’t really understand why people complain so much over paying their taxes.  It’s a responsibility of citizenship and people who try to avoid them  simply aren’t good Americans.  Of course they are exactly the sort of people who desperately wave the flag and hate everything that isn’t white, protestant American.  These are the R-People (Republican, Right, Religious, Rich, Racist) who bellow like angry elephant seals to draw attention away from their looting of the poor.

People like the tea party, militias and vigilante groups are just trash who want to bully everyone into their own narrow, moronic way of thinking.  Terrified worms who crap their jeans and squeal at anything they don’t understand and can’t think of anything to do but threaten someone.

It is precisely due to them that our country is slipping back into third world conditions – hungry children, destitute elderly, untreated disease, sub par education, homelessness and poverty.  Our highways are crumbling, our bridges toppling, dams collapsing, our police becoming black-shirted thugs and our prisons such pits they would embarrass inquisition jailers, all of these due to people who won’t pay up, won’t share, who are pea-brained, soulless, loud mouthed louts who care only about getting a larger TV.

The Tea Party people are traitors, the R People a threat to humanity.  The dark energy is on the right and only getting darker.



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