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Honoring the Past?

July 24, 2011

Honor the past my sagging gray ass.  I am a reader of history and consider it fascinating and important to try to understand today, but I’ve found precious little there to be proud of.  Those who honor the past often seem to think there are aspects of it we should bring forward and apply to today and this is a disgusting prospect.  What of the past do you want to bring back?  Slavery, racism, child labor, child beating, wife beating?  Genocide, ethnic cleansing, inquisitions, burning witches?  As far as I’m concerned the past is one long listing of evils we finally recognized and are trying to stop.

I believe that conservatives are simply frightened to death.  New things terrify them.  Makes them frantic.  They want to drop down in their dank holes, dig them deeper and drag everyone else down there too.

The truth is things are better now than they have ever been.   People are better fed, healthier and more free than ever in the history of man.  There are many problems, of course, like hunger and oppression around the world, but at least today we know that they are problems.  This wasn’t always the case.

Human history is a long story of man trying to be better and the future will be the same as long as we keep these pesky conservatives, the force of darkness, at bay.  Try shining a light on them.  They hate the light.


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