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The Oppression of Chicken and a Bad Run of Chili

July 23, 2011

Chicken is my dish, you know, the one I cook well.  Well enough that when my tween daughter’s friends spend the night, they expect chicken.  At those gatherings of family and friends I can’t get out off, I have to bring chicken.  If not I am rung out of the room with moans and boos.  I can try new dishes, experiment, but the chicken has to be there.

I’m starting to build up a resentment toward chicken, at least at chicken hindquarters.  I’m a dark meat man and rarely bother with breasts.  At first you’re flattered that everybody likes your cooking, but, eventually the pressure starts;  always chicken, every stinking time.  When people expect things of me I get cranky.

And they ask me, “How do you do that?”  This leaves me at a loss as all I do is douse it with hot sauce and powder it with adobo then put it in a 450 degree oven for an hour.  That’s it.  I don’t measure anything, but just put stuff on until it looks like enough and then I quit.  But telling people that, the truth, seems to nettle them.

I make my other well liked dish, chili the same way, basically.  After it disturbed some relatives with less vigor, I did begin using a tablespoon to get a collar on the fire, but these are mounding and running over when I dash them into the pot and only a meager guide.  The cumin and garlic and salt are all freehand.

I’ve hit a bad streak on my chili lately.  The last few pots have ranged from not too good to absolutely inedible.  Don’t know why.  Maybe a batch of sub standard chili powder or cumin gone rancid.

Whatever it is I haven’t been able to find the problem.  The difficulty with ad hoc cooking is that you leave so little a back trail to examine looking for errors.  Maybe I’ve just lost my touch.  The touch is slang for losing track of some technical skill.  It just slips away somehow.  Usually it comes back.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is you have to wait for it.  At least I don’t know how to speed it up.  The best I can do is just lay off chili cooking for awhile.


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