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Evil 101

July 13, 2011

When a young, male lion chases out the old patriarch and takes over the pride, his next move is to kill all the cubs.  The practical reason for this is to force all the females into estrus so that he can plant his own seed, father his own children.

When wildebeest are birthing, every predator in the area gathers around the herds hoping to snatch a newborn from their weakened mothers or the weakened mothers themselves.

If a human being acted in such a manner we would think them monstrous, demonic and there would be a global outcry.

To humans it’s heinous, in nature it’s just another day.  It seems to me that evil is a human invention.  Until we thought of it, it didn’t exist.  Every horror was business as usual.  And, as man invented evil, he also invented good and determined that good was better than evil.  It could have gone the other way, back when both were new ideas and untested.  Perhaps the reason these small, weak humans enjoyed such incredible success on this planet is that we chose good.

We are unique in this.  No other species acts in any such way, much as the animal people would like you to think so.  I have never heard of ground hogs gathering wheat to send to hungry bush rats in Sumatra.

People will say this is ridiculous.  Animals aren’t capable of such thoughts.  They are right, but they ignore the fact that we are animals as well, once incapable of such thoughts and at some point in proto human history one of our ancestors became capable of thinking this way and it caught on.

We started to care.  That’s about all there is to it.  We decided to help.  We gave the lives and conditions of others importance and decided to give them a hand when they needed it.

Probably a minority view at the time, the helpful ones considered crazy radicals wasting their time caring when they should be looking to themselves, but it worked.  When you care for your neighbor your neighbor will start caring for you and, when trouble comes, you stand together.

This all leads to community and society and, eventually, strip malls, but there’s nothing that hasn’t got its bad spots.


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