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Still Waiting For The Funeral

July 5, 2011

Is God dead?

This a deeply stupid question.  If there is no God he never existed and was and is merely a fiction, thus He can’t die.  If there is a God, then He is and cannot die.

Another pointless question is ‘do you believe in God?‘  What difference does that make?  Does God believe in me?  Now there’s a question.  Of course we can never know the answer in this life, but that shouldn’t keep one from asking.  Sometimes I think that asking questions with no answers is the essential quality of man that allows him to progress, evolve.

I think that whether there is a God is simply beside the point. We should live our lives by human standards and worry about God if and when we meet him.  In another piece I wrote that humans were about as able to know God as a fish grubbing on the creek bed is able to know geometry and I still believe that.  But, I also think that it is our striving toward the unknown, the unknowable.  Our battering our heads against the impossible is exactly man’s work.

So often we feel ourselves in the void, the nada, the great nothing with no moral, ethical or any other sort of platform to support us.  Again I say so what?  Build your own.

We now know that we need not fear God to be good.  We can seek virtue on our own.  We are men and we know how to act without fear of hell driving us.  This, I think, may be the next big step is standing alone, without fear of punishment or hope of reward, and do the right think simply because that is the way men act.

We need to rid ourselves of myth and the supernatural.  We know right and wrong…I think it is part of our genetic structure, this self-policing that allows us to live with our fellows in relative peace.  And despite what the doom-sayers claim, we are more at peace now than ever.  It hasn’t been that long since we and the other western powers thought nothing of sending the marines in to muddle around in smaller nations’ affairs.  Between the wars the U.S. Marines swarmed into Central America putting down local rebellions and the people’s will to protect American business interests over twenty times.  No one seemed to take much notice.  At least today we care about such things, are informed and complain.  This is progress.

We are progressing and I don’t think there are any grounds to dispute this.  Part of our progress, I think, must be going forward without being hung with gods and without relying on anything or one else.  To be proper men we must stand alone.


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