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There’s A Lot Of Green In That Green

June 29, 2011


I think the corporations are beginning to catch on finally.   American business, in all its different aspects, is heavily reliant on, supported by, the highway systems and the profits they offer.  So, when somebody comes along talking about how we need to break the petroleum dependency they have historically thrown a hissy fit screaming that this is an evil plot against the American economy, that the naysayers are dangerous radicals and the whole idea is anti-American.  The same old crap that, sadly, works so well.

But now green is in the air and in the open.  No one condemns it anymore except the fluttering fringe of change-is- bad louts.  That this creed is being so openly discussed and admired without any major counter attack from the corporate right indicates to me that they have finally got it.  There will be a lot of green in going green and they’re climbing on the bandwagon.

Our nation is designed for a petroleum culture.  Mass transient is moribund.  Manufacturing goods and transporting them, the heart of our economy, depends on plenty of gas and good roads.  The industry built up to maintain and service this culture is as or possibly more important than the traffic on them.

The American transportation business and its lobby are powerful players in the nation’s future.  A lot of bulk there to throw around and push the public interest out of the ring.  There are over a thousand different entities in this cartel and they pay over two thousand lobbyists to corrupt politicians for their profit.  They have been very successful in blocking conservation efforts in America for the simple reason that they feared it would hurt their bottom line.  These boys are all for fat checks today and to hell with the future but, they are finally understanding it will take a lot of investment to change things.  Vast amounts of money will be involved and they had better get aboard to see their cut.

Alternate fuel refineries, labs to develop the technology, retooling America to be fuel efficient.  Building light rail systems, changing gas stations to sell the new products, the trucking required to haul the new fuel around, so on and so on…a new and shiny gas cow is in the pasture and the oil giants seem to get it at last and are heading to the pasture with their butcher knives.

If you have ever thought about going green you know that it’s damned expensive.  Those new wave guys are as fond of fat pay checks as anyone.  The solar panels and wind mills and water wheels are high priced and demand a rich man’s checkbook.  The contradiction here is that those people who would benefit the most from the economy and independence going green offers will never be able to afford it.  As the technology becomes more popular, the prices will go no where but up.

My thought is that we bring the nation around by beginning at the bottom.  Cheap loans and grants to the poor for the hardware.  Otherwise this is just going to become another gift for the fat cats to lower quality and raise prices.


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